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Lingmo – is a voice translating device that will revolutionise the way you are able to communicate and understand other languages.• Would you like to communicate with foreigners without any problems during vacations, business trips or wherever you are?• All these things become possible with the help of LINGMO• Forget about bulky dictionaries and awkward, slow translations on your mobile. Now with Lingmo at the touch of a button you can instantly translate the words you need into any chosen language and hear the results of your translation instantly!
Lingmo allows near real-time translating of 45+ languages. It has two modes of voice translation. You just simply set your native language, then the language to translate to. By pressing the first button and speaking your phrase Lingmo in turn will translate and pronounce it in a language you have selected.By pressing second button.
Lingmo will translate speech from the foreign language, then instantly speak in your native language! All at the press of a button!
• Lingmo will be available on iOS, Android Operating Systems for both Smartphone’s and tablets.
English (US , UK & Australian), Spanish Hebrew, Afrikaans Malay, Czech, Spanish Croatian Thai, Turkish, Bulgarian Turkish Slovakian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Greek, Spanish (United States) Spanish (Mexico), French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Catalan, Dutch, German, Mandarin and Cantonese(Taiwan / Hong Kong), Korean, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Brazil), Norwegian, Finish, Portuguese (Portugal), Polish Russian Arabic Indonesian
Lingmo is a great device and is Ideal for:• Vacations abroad• Business negotiations with foreigners• Personal meetings• Business trips• Foreign language learning• Any other situation
Battery saving
As Lingmo is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth which can drain a mobile phones limited battery, so the Lingmo app will run in the background mode greatly increasing the batteries life.
Internet connection
All you need is a data connection for Lingmo on you mobile phone. Lingmo does not require a high speed data connection.
Why do i need Lingmo?
Its a no brainer, if you are travelling overseas to a foreign country for your once in a lifetime holiday or a regular traveler for business just having a Lingmo to communicate and translate in real time is essential to making your life easier while abroad.
The Lingmo device can also be used to answer phone calls or as headphones to listen to your favourite songs.... Because of its small, light size you can take it where ever you go with ease.